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About Us

The TCLF Skills Alliance is the Textile Clothing Leather and Footwear initiative to support public and private organisations with upskilling and reskilling in the context of the European Commission Pact for Skills, and more specifically the TCLF Pact for Skills.

The Pact for Skills is part of the EU Industrial Strategy, and its main aim is to mitigate the lack of skilled workforce in the TCLF sectors as well as master the so-called twin transition by improving existing skills (upskilling) and training in new skills (reskilling). To reach this ambitious goal, the Pact brings together various actors of the TCLF sectors: companies, social partners, national and regional authorities, vocational education and training providers and universities. Furthermore, the TCLF Skills Alliance, the sectoral Partnership under the Pact for Skills, guarantees the exchange of best practices and increases the sector's attractiveness for young people searching for a career in a more digital and green economy. The current signatories have privileged access to actions and activities of the Skills Alliance.


Steering Committee

The TCLF Skills Alliance Steering Committee is the central point of contact for stakeholders at regional, local and European levels. It oversees and facilitates the implementation of the activities under the Pact for Skills, and makes recommendations for new initiatives.

Signatories of the Pact

More than 150 European companies, associations, and regional authorities have signed the TCLF Pact for Skills Charter in December 2021. They are the backbone and the heart of the alliance.

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